World Poker Tour -- Atlantic City

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    "For the first time the World Poker Tour is in Atlantic City."


    Texas Hold'Em September 17 $500 + $40

    Seven Card Stud September 18 $500 + $40

    Texas Hold'Em September 19 $500 + $40
    No Limit

    Texas Hold'Em September 20 * $5000 + $150
    No Limit

    Day Two September 21 *

    Final Table
    September 22 *

    * World Poker Tour Event

    Tournaments will start at 12 Noon
    The Final table on September 22, 2003 will start at 5 P.M.

    Satellites will be held throughout September.

    Pending New Jersey Casino Control Approval
  2. I`m there!
  3. Do you know if it's going to be televised? I remember watching ESPN one night and saw they had the million dollar poker championship. That was fun to watch...esp that Jack Arama dude with all the funky sunglasses thinking he's all that! :D
  4. The WPT will be shown on the travel channel, at least it was last time. Re-runs are on wednesday from 9est-11.
  5. Is there any casino that has frequent no-limit tourneys where one can hone his skills before the big tournament? I understand that there are no regular "no-limit" tables in typical casino rooms.

  6. Yes, Foxwoods has some great weekly no-limit Texas Hold'em tournaments.

    It's located in Connecticut.

    I'm sure that many casinos and card rooms through-out the U.S. have weekly tournaments.

    It's a great way to get familiar with the game.

    The limit games are pretty good too.
  7. Also, check out

    Look under the tournaments section. They list all of the weekly tournaments in the U.S.

    They also list the international and internet tournaments too.
  8. thx!
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