World people consume 7.6 billion Tons food every year

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  1. I think human beings eat/consume 21 million Tons of food everyday. Which comes to 7.6 billion Tons food consumed every year.

    There are 7 billion people on Earth and let us assume each person weighs 100 kg. So total human weight is 700 million Tons.

    If each person consumes/eats 3% of body weight each day or 3% of 700 million tons that would be 21 million Tons food per day.

    I think each world trade center building (9/11) weighed 500,000 Tons. So human beings eat 15,200 world trade center buildings each year. I mean people eat food equivalent/equal to 15,200 WTC buildings.

    If food cost is $1 per kg or $1000 per Ton, the world food business is $8 Trillion to $12 Trillion per year (estimated).

    Correct me if I am wrong?

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  5. The average westerner eats 2,125 pounds of food per year(about 5.8 pounds of food per day). 60% of the rest of the world lives on less than $2 per day, so you know they are not buying 5.8 pounds of food with 2 bucks.

    Fun fact for the US alone, Americans eat 9 billion chickens per year. (I wonder why chickens are not on the endangered species list yet?)
  6. I think world people eat 7 billion chickens per year.
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    P.S. The average chicken eats 7 billion people per year.
  10. Nobody pointed out my big mistake that there are elderly people and children who weigh less and eat less.

    So let us assume there are 4 billion people each weighing 100 kg. Total human weight is 400 million Tons.

    3% of 400 million is 12 million tons per day = 4.4 billion Tons per year = 8800 world trade center buildings.

    If food cost is $1 per kg or $1000 per Ton, the world food business is $4 Trillion or $5 Trillion per year (estimated).
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