World of Warcraft is about to get more addictive

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    For those of you that have never played, lets just say World of Warcraft is a tad more addictive than heroin. With this new expansion coming out, Its going to be like heroin times ten.

    I had played this game and its very easy to waste 12 hours per day on this stupid game and not even realize it. This game is going to be amp'ing people up to 18 hours per day with this new expansion next year.

    Do you think I am kidding? I'm not! This game seriously ruins lives. I'm not 100% certain that this game should be legal. From my personal experience with this game its dangerous because you forget to eat while you are playing, you hold your pee while playing, and getting "camped" in game is more stressful than holding a losing trade. My worst day trading (I lost 7k) was as stressful as getting camped in World of warcraft by a rogue 20 levels above you and killed over and over.

    I just hope i dont get sucked back into it with this new expansion. They sucked me back for a few months with the lich king expansion, hopefully i can resist this time.
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    I played WoW for a while. Amassed a couple hundred gold by bot cooking and built an 80th level armorer, left just before the expansion that included guild halls.

    No wait, that was EQII.

    I played WoW for a while. Amassed a huge pile of coin by busting down items at the auction house and selling the powders.

    Too many little kids playing WoW. If they want me back (I still have a one month card) they need an Adults Only server. Not for pR0n or XXX but some way to keep the moron level down just a bit.
  3. Yeah, but I think alot of those immature kids are really 35 year old males that just talk like kids.
  4. i stopped playing pc games after abt 15
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  6. A lot has changed in the last 2 years, you should try some again.
  7. I'm waiting for the new StarCraft. Wasted 10 years and almost lost my woman on the first version.

    Kid Rennick out:cool: