World millionaire population = 9.5 million

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  1. bfft boring
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    Perhaps the cachet of exclusivity requires a bigger threshold. Rather than "decamillionaire" it may be more fitting to refer to such people as "Eight Figure Net Worth" sons of bitches. Eight figures being, of course, 10-000-000 US dollars. Ten million of your earth dollars.
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    I was expecting more than that ...

    9.5M/7B = 9.5/7000 = 0.001357

    that makes only 0.1% the world population millionaires
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    yeah odd another survey that was discussed on this board recently said 9% of americans were millionaires. But then again its not easy to get an accurate picture on how many millionaires there are.
  5. How about world's billionaire population? Basically the entire Forbes's list?
  6. only becuase you're only worth $100k and have a 17" monitor.