World military spending in 2009 = $1.53 trillion. USA share = 43%

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    We should quit defending the world unless they chip in their fair share. Let Europe fall to the Russians or the Iranians. Let Japan and S. Korea defend themselves. We can't afford to keep protecting them for nothing.

    These countries enter into military alliances with the U.S. then just keep token armies assured that the U.S. will come protect them. We need to stop this nonsense.
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    n. korea vs brazil. lol.
  3. ?....don't they have a soccer game scheduled next week? :)
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    As a percent of GDP, it's not really that big a deal, much lower than WWII or cold war levels.
  6. General Dynamics.
  7. Do you really beleive the US has military bases all around the world for anyones benefit apart from the US?
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    "U.S. interests". I have no interest in Europe, Japan, S. Korea or Asia. I'd rather see our borders secured. We can always take out anyone anywhere in the world with special forces or smart bombs. If we don't chase them around on foot we would more likely be able to find out where they are. The closest we got to Bin Laden was Clinton's cruise missle shot in the '90's.

    I hope we are working on 'rods from space'. Probably not while Obama is president.
  9. But the bases aren't there for the purposes of warfare - they're there as weapons of politics.

    Potential long range incontinental ballistic politics just doesn't have the same effect.
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