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  1. India^BSESN&t=2y&l=off&z=l&q=l&c=

    meeting previous high. Key will be whether it can cross it. Or will this indicate a intermediate term inflection point to the downside.


    also surpassed previous highs by a minor amount.


    meeting overhead resistance, behaving weaker then other markets.


    better chart then the previous ones.


    more measured advance then asia or australia.


    better then london market.

    Latin America

    has pretty good charts also, if there is a external event it will start in Asia. Key is whether the Indian markets and chinese markets continue to make price progressions.

    The chinese markets are pretty much ignoring any measure of control and continue to rally.
  2. watch for upticks in the bond market. If anyone is going to press the big red button, they will load up on bonds first.

    so if bond yields start coming back down, then it could be a preliminary warning sign, the big fundies might liquidate everything.
  3. asia red.
  4. What the hell are you babbling about? You call this red?:

    AORD All Ordinaries 6,358.70 12:42AM ET -13.80 (0.22%)
    SSEC Shanghai Composite 4,114.28 May 21 +42.06 (1.03%)
    HSI Hang Seng 20,871.36 11:43PM ET -56.39 (0.27%)
    BSESN BSE 30 14,418.68 12:42AM ET -0.08 (0.00%)
    JKSE Jakarta Composite 2,069.78 12:42AM ET -1.50 (0.07%)
    KLSE KLSE Composite 1,347.17 May 21 -9.67 (0.71%)
    N225 Nikkei 225 17,605.01 12:23AM ET +48.14 (0.27%)
    NZ50 NZSE 50 4,301.54 12:40AM ET +11.84 (0.28%)
    STI Straits Times 3,540.95 12:30AM ET +26.46 (0.75%)
    KS11 Seoul Composite 1,636.97 12:43AM ET +8.77 (0.54%)
    TWII Taiwan Weighted 8,168.95 12:43AM ET +27.36 (0.34%)
  5. you've got a looks like black on pale yellow to me?