World market crashes

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mikeenday, May 9, 2011.

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    1) end of triangle break down/up, more like down.
    2) silver/CL crashed, this is the fore-play, followed by the equity market.
    3) QQQ/XLF show signs of weakness.
    4) EUR/USD breakdown.

    positions: short financials, short high flyer material producers, i.e., MCP
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    eminent, eh?

    i guess world market crashes would be famous, yeah.
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    There seems to be a wave of bearishness on ET the past couple weeks.
  4. 5) Dictionary sales are plummeting. :p
  5. LOL!

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    Another quality fade from the ET directory of market calls.
  7. DOW updated megaphone pattern on weekly chart reveals impending Black Swan which will be totally unexpected and could never have been predicted ...
  8. Where does post his/her trades ?

    All of them, not just a selection.

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    I just moved 20K USD for dedicated option trading, to be more specific, to purchase puts to get involved in this downfall.

  10. Alot of my shorts that had run away against me months ago have all turned in my favor in a major way. They were ADRs (Hang Seng Listed) - the commodities have been pounded, and I'm suspecting that the turn has occured.

    We'll see how these integrated oil & gas names go. If oil goes for a free fall then I'd say you better trade those puts quick. You'll miss the move.
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