World leaders refuse to shake Bush's hand

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ZZZzzzzzzz, Nov 20, 2008.

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  2. I find the other leaders to be rude at best.

    He respected them by showing up when he could have sent someone else. They could show a mutual respect.

    You may not like Bush or Obama but regardless of who is President they ARE the United States and should be treated as such.
  3. I agree, this really sucks. I have not been a fan of Mr. Bush's policies, but I really don't like seeing our President appear to being disrespected. Maybe he did bring it on himself, but regardless, I think it is poor diplomacy.

  4. At least they didn't lay a luggie on him.

  5. hughb


    He didn't offer his own hand, so who cares? It seems like mutual dislike to me. It also seemed scripted beforehand as if it was expected.
  6. I abhor his policies but I like Bush I think since he was the host....he has already shaken these leaders hand......the rest of them just saw each other for the first time.
    stop reading too much into this
  7. I noticed that as well.
  8. Generalissimo Bush is a national disgrace. If he was assassinated I know I would attend the joyous parade.

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  9. "...Terriers and Barrifs.."

    OMG....that is freaking funny. I had never seen that one before. :D:D:D

  10. I don't have the time to watch the video.

    Yea I think Obama is going to be targeted like no one since Lincoln. I took a visitor down to his home and couldn't get within 2-3 blocks of it. His entire neighborhood is off limits. Just the same only a d-bag of the highest order would relish Obama's death.

    Only dopey Canadians think telling someone to suck cock or get fucked or stick it up their ass is some sort of latent homo thing.

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