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    it says that the wfp only costs $190m a year. one billionaire could fund that. it just makes you think what they spend their money on if just one of them could easily pay for the whole wfp.
  2. Sounds good, Warren Buffet and George Soros can found it themselves. Warren and his we should pay more taxes mantra can just volunteer to fund it since he obviously believes he has too much money. The Pile of Crap Soros, who spends his money buying elections in America and paying off politicians here so America funds his socialist agenda. Maybe some of the money he made almost burying Britian with his currency trade that made him his billions.
  3. yes i don't know if soros is very clever or just prepared to be more ruthless than other people. other traders could have done what he did but were not prepared to due to morality. or perhaps he did it to get britain out of the single currency and it was a selfless act. either way i don't know if he helps people much.
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    Thought I saw an article on Buffet's son working with farmers over there. Makes me believe he is very active.

    No idea about Soros, that guy might be a vampire. I don't think vampires are that into farming, so.. probably not involved I guess.