world exhanges--surfer needs your help !

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  1. greetings,

    i recently linked my site to every world financial exchange with an internet presence. since i am attempting to offer a comprehensive list, your help is desired--- if i am missing any exchanges, please advise. thanks !


    surfer :) :)
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    I LIKE THE SITE.............

  3. thanks bros, your site rocks ! you need to post some pictures of the mansion. now, all i need to do is figure out how to make some change from the site.....


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  5. thanks !

  6. cool site- sold any gear yet??
  7. I have a cap from The chicks love it. Of course, I'm talking about my wife and 3 year old daughter, but still... :)
  8. surfer, cool site. Just one suggestion: Lose the Java intro page.

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    Totally awesome!!
  10. DT-waw


    Warsaw Stock Exchange...
    Futures and options are also traded there.

    Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (nice design)
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