World economy is big Ponzi

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  1. Posted in other forum. Is this true?

    You've just hit the main point. It happens because the world economy is a big Ponzi and by the laws of a Ponzi it must collapse periodically when the balloon gets overinflated or inflated. Got it? Inflated = Inflation. What inflates it? the printing of money, the overproduction of needless goods. What blows up the balloon - over-debt of people and governments. The pyramid begins to shake from the base, because there is no one left to feed it /everyone or most are in debt/, then it collapses.... The cycle repeats....
  2. It is a big Ponzi.

    The issues aren't whether it is but:

    1) Who is in cooperation behind it?
    2) Beyond raping wealth and power what are there agendas?
    3) Now that growth has established monumental expansion will
    collapse, war or population reduction be amongst the methods decided
    upon in dominance of world population and productivity.

    There is ample evidence and answers to the above concerns
    ... however they will eventually end up having conspiratorial overtones.
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    When all peoples of the earth are equal all people will be equally poor based on the standard of today's society. All except those in charge that is.