World economy and plane crash

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The world economy will crash?

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  1. This reminds me of world economy.

    There was an Alaskan airlines big plane flying at 31,000 feet. The vertical stabilizer on the tail of this plane was jammed. The pilots were having difficulty controlling the plane. Suddenly the plane started falling from the sky nose first and it fell some 8000 feet but the pilots managed to control the plane and save it.

    But the pilots knew that there is some terrible/fatal problem with the plane and they kept flying the plane. They took the help of maintenance team on the ground. But even they could not solve the problem. The pilots tried to calm down the passengers saying “everything is under control and they will land at Los Angeles airport safely”.

    Now suddenly the vertical stabilizer on the tail of this plane broke away completely and disappeared and the plane started falling nose first and then it was completely inverted/upside down and kept falling and ultimately crashed into the sea/ocean killing everybody. It was a terrifying fall. You should have seen it. This plane was doomed right from the start when it started flying.

    This reminds me of the world economy which is doomed but flying. The world economy went into an 8000 feet fall in year 2007 but the pilots (world leaders) managed to keep it flying by throwing/donating multi-trillion bail-outs. But there is a fatal problem with the economy. The world leaders try to calm the world saying everything in under control and world economy is safe (just as the pilots of the doomed plane said). But the world leaders know the world economy is doomed (same as pilots). The world leaders are taking help from everybody and everything they can but I think nobody can help (same as pilots).

    Now the vertical stabilizer of the world economy (I do not know) will break away completely and the economy (plane) will crash.

    I did not want to post this here but the TV program is coming back again and again.

    Anyway, this had to come out someday.
  2. The problem with predicting the final crash is that its untradeable. You may be right, but what will you gain by it happening. You will never get paid off. So, be quiet and drink the Koolaid like the rest of us. I took my daughter to feed the homeless over the weekend, a lot of them are predicting the end of the world as well.
  3. Marc Faber has been saying for long time "world economy is doomed". Many big people are also saying the same. I do not remember their names right now.

    Also world leaders know the economy is doomed but they are flying the plane because they do not have any other options since they are flying at 30,000 feet to 40,000 feet.
  4. If I remember correctly between 1920 and 1950 there was a homeless man in USA. One day the police put him in prison/jail. Later they came to know that this homeless man had designed one of the biggest plane in the world. I think in the past he was the owner of a big and sophisticated company (not sure). The police got scared and released him immediately.

    Not all homeless man are useless. Some of them have good past.

    Try to know the past of the homeless men who were predicting the end of the world.
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    End of the world means the end of the world for some, not for all.
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    I don't recall that. Do you have a link?

    I believe he is "bearish" on Western countries, but v positive with regard to China and Far East etc.
  7. Western countries are the world economy. When rich countries goes down the world goes down with them.

    Western countries are the biggest investors. That is where the money comes from. Rich countries have the dollars, euro, pound and technology.
  8. My remarks were never meant to say that the homeless were useless. Au contraire, many are great thinkers who took a huge shot or through other circumstance ended up in dire straits. Money and intelligence are totally unrelated. There is tremendous value amongs the poor in this world, it is just that we are all trapped in this world of idolizing the false god of money. However, from a trading standpoint, you can't trade the end of the world scenario to the downside for if you are right you lose anyway, that was all i am saying.
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    "As for the US being the most important economy for the world, there is a sea change going on right now; recently car sales in emerging economies (such as Brazil, China) are outpacing those of the US, Europe and Japan; oil consumption in emerging markets is increasing, while in the developed world it is contracting; the whole world does not depend on American consumption anymore – 60% of total exports are now going to the emerging world when one includes E. Europe; the US is still a large economy but it is not growing, while the growth in the emerging world is and will continue to be strong
    “People still think of emerging market economies as poor cousins, but because 80% of the world’s people are here, in aggregate the consumption is huge.”; these are not saturated markets and they are growing rapidly "
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