World economy and Farmers

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  1. I told somebody that Farmers, Fishermen and food people create money. If farmers stop farming and fishermen stop fishing then world economy will shut down. Nobody can eat computers. steel, nuclear power etc......

    Correct me if I am wrong.
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  3. Farmers would never stop farming and fishermen wont stop fishing. If they did, they would starve too.

    Kind of a pointless conversation....its like saying "If we had wings, all the airlines would go out of business" Its just something that would never happen.
  4. Farmers will grow crops for their family only and fishermen will fish for their family only. Why should they feed the world when there are 1 billion useless people in this world?
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    the need other things than wheat or fish. like tools to farm or fish.... This is like discussion micro economics in high school...

    I would argue money is made through production. it is multipled by financing (which is ultimately a pyramid scheme). You can't finance without risking somebody's money. Most financiers don't lend out their own money.

    anyway... you assumption is incorrect.
  6. We forget sometimes the most essential needs a human being must be provided for.

    Without food there is not society, no country, NOTHING!!!.

    Napoleon B. Said an Army marches on its stomach. :D
  7. I hope that person promptly punched you in the face.

  8. Why should a Farmer cultivate/grow crops on 10,000 acres of land when he can feed his family with 10 acres of land. A Farmer can work on 10 acres without machines. But he needs massive machines for 10,000 acres.

    Why should a fisherman catch 50,000 Fish when he can feed his family with 20 Fish. Small boats is need to catch 20 fish whereas massive boats are needed to catch 50,000 Fish.
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  10. If you consider the World then usually people working in giant factories are rural people and they can survive from farming and hunting in the Forest and Fishing. Why should these workers work for company owners and make them billionaires?
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