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  1. Gcapman


    Just got this in an email.......................

    Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2010 World Cup Championship of Futures & Forex Trading. Our 27th annual renewal of this outstanding event runs from Jan.4 to Dec. 31, 2010 and entries are accepted throughout the year. Online registration is fast and easy… just follow the “3-step” instructions at the bottom of this message.

    Every competitor qualifies to receive software, data, trading tools, and subscriptions from leading companies including eSignal, DTI, SFO Magazine, Candlestick Forum, Genesis Financial,, and others. Minimum account size of $15,000 and championship round-turn commissions of $12 all-in will apply.

    The Top Three Finishers will receive:
    Coveted Bull and Bear Trophies
    Championship prizes from industry-leading companies
    An opportunity to become a staff member

    In addition, each of the top 5 competitors will be authorized to trade $50,000 Award Accounts!

    The World Cup has launched and enhanced numerous careers. Past winners have received widespread industry recognition and promotional support from Robbins Trading Company. As always, please remember that there is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures and options on futures.

    We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. To establish your 2010 World Cup account, simply follow the instructions below. Thank you for your participation.


    Joel Robbins

    the prize on this one is way better... 250,000 USD account for you to trade ...

    the current competition ends March 31st and around mid-April it should start the new "season"
  3. Hosting such a contest is the true championship. LOL
  4. Well said.

    These guys are in the toll both business. $12 per contact.
  5. And you thought it was necessary to share spam emails you receive, with the rest of us? Thanks, so much. Let us also see all your Nigerian scam emails also......
  6. Gcapman mauled by Traderzones X2 , LOL

    Man I'm watchin your back but there nothin I can do about Tz lol
  7. Apparently no US affiliated brokers and therefor not open to US traders unless one is willing to open an account in a foreign country. Not sure I'd want to do that.
  8. 1) Isn't there just the same "handful" of people in that each year?
    2) Was Larry Williams 1987 "performance" real or bogus? :confused:
  9. you're right i didn't notice it... maybe they will be expanding the brokers i know a guy that works at the main broker sponsor and they had plans to expand... maybe next contest it will have it available...

    I actually may join this year, the broker I use already is one of the sponsors so it can do no harm at least for me... i would have no chance to win though i'm a position trader so my returns are very far from the thousands :mad: