World Cup 2006!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tradingbug, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. world cup- I'm gettin excited already- It's the first time since I've been alive that us aussies have been there so its gunna be great- and we get to play brazil in the group stage- makes it even better, as we get to shape up against the best in the world straight away!
  2. go AJAX!!!

  3. You sure thats a good thing?:D
  4. it is and it isn't. It's good in that after 32 years of not being there we get to go toe to toe with the very best in the world, without it being sudden death.
    It's also bad because we are gunna get flogged:D
    Although I think that every other team in the group will be in the same boat. It's a fight for second place first, and a fight to not be flogged 4-0 by Brazil second!
  5. LOL, National sides only, dude.:)
  6. Brazil will definately be a tough first round. There is always hope though.... whats great about soccer is that anybody can win on any day.

    I am curious to see how Wayne Rooney Plays. The brits think he is their saviour. lol.
  7. yes, anyone can win on any day, but to beat brazil, you need to be extremely lucky! I know there are some people in the brazilian camp a bit worried about playing us- but it's not because of our skill, it's because of the physical way that we play. Think it's the rugby culture coming out in our soccer style!

    Think Rooney will do well- he's a bit of a gun, but more important for England will be if Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard can step up and play as well for their country as they do for their clubs. If they do then look out- the poms should be up there.