World could run out of food in 10 years

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    If sea-levels rise...won't there be more fish? :sneaky:
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  2. That logic is DEEP`
    [​IMG] o_O,
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  3. I'll always have enough food on the Doomstead.
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  5. %%

    Gooble gook translation, i can grow enough organic apples for me; + family.BUT what they call manufactured food like sausage, i cant or wont grow enough sausage.AS far as rising sea levels not likely; but if so -that's more fish:D:cool:. But one old lady said ''dont tell me not to worry, most of the things i worried about NEVER happened !!'':D:D
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    Certainly would seem like. --There's a lot of good to short term warming. Proglibs think they can look at a few scant years of climate recording and derive something useful concerning long term evolution of the planet----THEY CANNOT
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  7. I remember hearing that 500 million is the perfect amount for the world population. Something about it gives everyone enough land to keep them stress free(something about people crowding together in cities being stressful or something) and it's a low enough population we can have cars and dirty energy and the world would be fine.
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  8. Humpy


    We are poisoning the oceans with our plastic waste. Already it has been found even in the Arctic plankton. From plankton it moves up the food chain causing cancer.............and so it will soon be unadvisable to eat seafood !!
    Yes it is a major problem but our useless world leaders insist on wasting resources on more weapons.
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    Stress isn't necessarily a bad thing, evidenced by a whole lot of people who live in cities because they like living in cities. For a big chunk of the world's population the sheer boredom of living in a low population density area would be a special kind of hell! Sounds like you were reading something from the same kind of people who don't think it's fair that the city folk have so much influence in politics when they represent "such a small portion" of their state geographically.
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    I think that is the number of serf/servants the world class elites want to have
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