World could run out of food in 10 years

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  1. [​IMG]The world could be facing a food shortage sooner than we think.
    [​IMG]China’s appetite for meat will drive food demand. Picture: Tomohiro Ohsumi/BloombergSource:Supplied
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  3. But the climate cultists tell us death from climate change is imminent. Eat up, might as well die with a full belly. You end of the world types need a new game. Maybe aliens from some distant planet. That at least has some plausibility to it.
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    But of course when we start to have food shortages farmers respond to the demand signals. It takes 12 lbs of grain to produce a pound of beef. Sorry but the caloric content of 12 lbs of grain is significantly higher than a pound of beef, regardless of how you measure food. Farmers shift production to more cost vs calorie effective products long before we have mass worldwide starvation. And that doesn't even start to address the decline birth rate that !always accompanies reduced poverty, making the growth rate prediction used problematic as well.
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    The earth ran out of food a long time ago, organically the planet can only support 1billion people. Since then everything has been synthetically modified and automated to increase yield. How far can it go, necessity is the mother of invention, but the earth with balk at some point and given the weather patterns these days you can argue that process has already started.
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    Sure, food from the perspective of Big Agriculture. The truth is that a person can grow enough food to live on in a really small area using techniques from Square Foot Gardening... An Indian Tribe in a valley in Mexico was a million strong and they lived in an area that modern agriculture could only support 100,000...
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    In that case, we've nothing to fear from fake-o man made global warming. Thanks for the heads up!
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