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  2. Interesting stuff.

    Those Chinese sure are multiplying quickly.
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    Thanks for posting

    Did you notice the CO2 emissions? My God, we're toast!!:D :D
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    I did, in fact for some strange reason I noticed a shortness of breath about the same time. :D
  5. Nice, thanks!
  6. Boyaahh!

    Stats on Nigerian scams!! Go figure. Nigerian scams on the world clock.

    Biotechnology The Easy Way 101 ( CRN: 10023 )
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    Mergers & Acquisitions of Identities 110 ( CRN: 268541 )
    Thousands of people around the year hand their identities to our graduates on a daily basis. Our graduates email a specially formulated email that mimics the recipient's financial institution or service provider and threatens to discontinue service unless immediate action is taken to update us with all their personal information. We direct the recipient to a web site that requests their name, address, identification numbers, credit card numbers, and checking account numbers. With an average response rate of 14%, our top scholars are able to earn over US$5,000,000 annually.