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    CUBA all the way... to think a guy working in publix gets paid more than any of these guys. You have to hand it to them. They have a great pitcher in Marti and some players that would get in upwards of $10 million a year contract if and when they ever defect; this from guys who ride bike to the practice field...:D

    p.s. and it was great to rub it in my father in laws face...a venezuelan...:)

    the dominicans better watch out with their $500 million payroll..
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    Nada puede parar los pinches Cubanos.

  3. Mexico baby. They lost to the Americans but then routed the Canadians who beat the Americans...
  4. Puerto Rico and Korea are the only teams that are still undefeated. I think the US will take down Korea tonight, but I don't think that Venezuela can take Puerto Rico. I went to the Korea vs. Mexico game last night, and there were more in attendance for that game, than there were for the US vs. Japan game earlier in the day!

    I'm going to hit the US vs. Korea tonight.
  5. Man after today's game it is going to be tight. Cuba has given up 9 total runs and Dominican has given up 10. Tonight's game is huge for both teams. Especially if Puerto Rico gets a win in a low scoring game.
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    Cuba Cuba Cuba....bye bye Puerto Rico...bring on them stinking Dominicans.... :D
  7. Bwahahahaha!!!

    US sucks!!!

    It's great to be 1/2 Korean, 1/2 Japanese!!!!

  8. i wonder how many are gonna follow through and defect after Monday's game? don't they have to establish residence in a foreign country to become a free agent and avoid the amatuer draft? how are they gonna pull that off when they're already on US soil? and what will Fidel's reaction be? he let El Duque's mother, wife, and kids join him, but forbid Jose Contreras's family from leaving right up until they fled.

    it's a crapshoot with that guy, lol.
  9. It's Cuba vs Japan.

    Just like trading... Strongest(smartest) don't lead to winning. It's only an edge. :)
  10. who wants my tickets for tonights final? free sec 110 row 10

    after sitting thru a bomb sniffing dog incident and 759 time outs this weekend at the the ncaa's,,,,I have no interest in going to any sports,,,,,,,, besides little league
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