World: are you ready?...Iran war coming

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  1. US Bush trying to find support in Europe UK G. Brown to organize the 'logistics' around Iran (Afghanistan, Pakistan...etc) for a new war: 'message to iranian people: you do not have to choose the path of confrontation'.
  2. If you think Europe will support the US or Israel attacking Iran, you are just out of your mind and understand very little about Europe.
  3. Bush planned this trip to Europe quite some time ago as his farewell tour of the place.

    Yet another conspiracy nut reading something into nothing.

    Iran may still be attacked, but not from anything originating in that trip. it will probably be just bombs, and probably from Israel. Or nothing at all. We certainly are not sending troops in. We don't even have the resources to do so anyway. our boys are on extended deployments as it is.

    Not going to happen.
  4. maybe this time, we will do it the way we should have done Iraq.

    #1 - daylight raid by cruise weapons + stealth fighters and bombers of every political target, to take out some of national and local leadership.

    #2 Overwhelming, nonstop pummeling of every military, weapons-making, political, nuclear and other strategic targets. This includes commando raids, taking over Iranian oil assets and tying up their ports.

    #3 Drop a huge amount of small weapons in areas where perhaps the moderates are more likely to be a majority.

    #4 Stand back, and assess whether another round of aerial bombardment is needed.
  5. hopefully none of this happens, although wouldn't surprise me. thing is, if we do this, i bet Iran sinks a ship in Hormuz. what a nightmare that would be.
  6. Since when does the US need Europe's support to go to war?

    All we need is an "attack" from Iran.
  7. forextrades,
    hehe - well, lets just hope that some brains actually come to power in US politics.

    As far as I'm concerned - the israelis, palestinians, iranians, lebanese, syrians etc should just get down and dirty - hack out their differences in the most effective way that they can. Seeing the IDF protecting the mobs attacking palestinian residents, it's just fair that we let them work out their differences in the quickest possible way. We should just all stay back for some time and give them our blessings to "work out their aggressions and resentments towards each other". When they're good and tired of working out they can maybe all settle down a little and stop making such a fuss for the rest of us.

    We don't care about africa, and we shouldn't care about the middle east. Let them work it out for themselves.

    Really - it works (at least for the rest of us) - just brilliantly.
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    I know exactly what you mean. Lets just sit back and wait...Just like we did before 9/11
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    Like clockwork, Reuters just released another "report" about Israel or America's intent to invade Iran. This time it's about Israel rehearsing a strike on Iran.

    Iran has for years forged non-western relationships with other world powers while infiltrating Western Media (i.e. Associated Press and Reuthers) as a means to divide and conquer the hearts and minds of Americans.

    They succeeded in maintaining a political risk to invade, while simultaneously forging economic relationships with world powers so that if we invade, it may be a military risk to invade, as others may fight us on Iran's behalf.

    It just ain't gonna happen.

  10. na, won't happen, to make such an attack successful they have to literally nuke the country not just bomb it, but since no country has the guts to do that, they won't
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