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  1. I am looking for a new box. Many here recommend a Dell "workstation".

    Can someone tell me what is the difference between a "workstation" and a "desktop" ?
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    About $200.
  3. Are you saying a workstation is $200 higher priced than a desktop for the same specs?
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    No, I was just going for a laugh.

    The difference is mostly arbitrary and semantic. But a computer maker knows that if they call a rig a "workstation", they can usually get business to pay a premium.

    Rather than concern yourself with "desktop" or "workstation", consider what you want to do with it and get one that will fill your bill... regardless of "what's it's called".

    In Dell's case, their "workstation" computers have different motherboards at a higher cost. They also offer different options for CPU, RAM, hard drive, etc... none of which should make them cost more just because they are installed in a workstation computer or a desktop.

    I recently priced a Vostro vs Precision T3400. The latter was about $90 more but the motherboard had more expansion slots, more ports, and the latest Intel chipset. Is that worth $90? Would be to some.
  5. Technically speaking, a "workstation" should be based on server grade components (motherboard, RAM, hard drives, redundant power supplies, etc.) and have the OS de-bloated. Anything less is just marketing buzz.
  6. build your 'workstation'. it's not hard like a jigsaw puzzle with 7 or 8 big pieces to fit. upside is you get to choose your parts, and you can choose real parts with real 'personalities'. Also, believe it or not it's cheaper than buying :)
  7. i use ibm workstations...

    i build them as i want...

    tech support is much better as you are considered a pro a server user..

    you can buy ibm workstaions on ebay with full 3 year on site warranty for about 30 to 50 cents on the dollar...

    gnome is a cheap old fart when it comes to hardware...he always gives me a hard time in my quest for more horsepower...he does know a lot about the stuff though...

    gnome we love ya...:D
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    "Cheap" isn't accurate, but I do look for value.

    Don't need a Lambo for a Starbucks run, even if you can afford it. But then again, if you're just showing off....
  9. notice no complaint about the "old fart" part...
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