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Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by depaulnis, Dec 28, 2005.

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    I want to trade with entry order from "2hours chart" and exit order with "tick chart".

    Which easy anguage code do I have to use???
  2. Create the chart using the tick chart as the symbol. Then insert symbol on the chart using the 2 hour chart. This will place the tick chart as data1 and the 2 hour chart as data2.

    In easylanguage all trades happen on the first chart. You reference the second chart by using data2.

    Entry...from the 2 hour chart

    Ex. If marketposition = 0 and (close of data2 > close[1] of data2) then buy at market;

    The trade will be displayed on the tick chart but the signal comes from the 2 hour chart.

    Exit... from the tick chart

    If marketposition = 1 then exitlong at lowest(low,10)[1] stop;