Works of fiction that contain metaphors for the trading life.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by MainFramer, Nov 9, 2002.

  1. What fiction have you read that reminds you of what trading is like? And I'm not talking about fiction that is specifically set in trading settings and about traders per se.

    For example. I recently finished a science-fiction paperback called Time Scout by Robert Asprin and Linda Evans. (copyright 1995). In the book there are these adventurers who travel back in time and try to survive long enough to obtain knowledge about the past or recover lost treasures. One of their problems is that they have to learn enough about the time period they're scouting in order not to be killed by the natives of that time (one guy got grabbed by the Spanish inquisition when he mispronounced single word.) Another problem is that a time scout will cease to exist if an older version of himself meets a younger version from a previous trip. This all adds up to time scouting being a 8-million-ways-to-die, high-threat, high-knowledge, high-skill, high-luck profession, in which deep scholarship and detailed record keeping are paramount. The story line is about a seventeen year old girl trying to break into time scouting, and pestering a tough old retired veteran into showing her the ropes. I just couldn't help noticing how the whole thing reminded me of the psychological atmosphere of this whole board.
    :) A really good read.

    Anybody read any similar metaphors?