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  1. As most people have pointed out...working sucks, however, there are sometimes evils in life that some of us cant avoid.

    One main part of work that sucks is the people. You cannot trust any of them. Even if they seem rather friendly and outgoing, you cannot trust anyone. You have to put up a certain front at all times.

    I have a certain set of people, outside of work, that place their trust in me. When they see me upset, they sit down with me to work out the problems. I receive text messages all the time from them wanting to hang out. When they see me walking into a trap, they make sure I dont fall into it. Those are my friends.

    As for the people at my work, its difficult. Sometimes I have no idea how they got the job there, but I have an idea on how they lost their last one.

    Inside my workplace, there is quite a cast of characters. There is one man on drugs who walks around very nervous. He is constantly in and out of the building, walking around and constantly talking. I have never seen him once do work and only discuss it a few times. How do I know he is on drugs? Believe me, I know. His behavior tells me all I need to know. The emotional fits, the shaking, the constant need to talk to someone, anyone. Then he gets into conversations about firearms and rambles on like that guy on Saturday night live, yeah thats the ticket. I avoid this guy at all costs.

    Then there is another guy that seems quite anal about his work. I dont know how to describe it. Its just funny, silly.

    I need not go on, there are quite a few characters. However, I just smile and pretend in the land of make believe. I have quite an interesting personal life, but I dont dare share it with any of these clowns. Somehow whatever I say, I feel will get held against me. I feel like I am in the middle of a courtroom where the only safe answer is sometimes no answer.

    Tonight, I will be heading to 55 and 2nd to party with a buddy then I will be swinging over to sleep with a random chick up in the Bronx. During the week there will be more fun happy hours like at the Proof lounge. On Friday, I plan on meeting a new chick at a party I have been invited to. Then there will be the vacations to Brazil and Thailand for even more chicks. This is a fairly normal lifestyle for a bachelor in NYC.

    I dont know what the cast of characters does after they get home. Stare at walls, go to sleep early so they can be up fresh and early for the workplace maybe even call their work buddies up on the phone for a chat. Whatever they do, I have no idea and dont care.

    All I know is that I come to work for a paycheck, nothing more. While the days are boring, the nights are actually a lot of fun. You know that I will either be out drinking, sleeping with one of my ladies up in the Bronx or sleep with the other one in Manhattan. My only problem revolves around avoiding social disease and liver problems.

    I hate work and this is my story.
  2. Is your real name Patrick Bateman?
  3. Unfortunately, Bruce Lee, I dont have a degree from Harvard nor do I have an apartment on the upper west side. I dont own Valentino suits either.

    Despite all that, I still manage to have fun...:cool:
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  5. This post is about you putting other people down so you don't feel so bad about your own screwed up lifestyle. Or this "fun" life you say you have is entirely in your mind.

    Either way this post has nothing to do with work, whether good or bad.
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    Would you go with Eggshell White or Bone?
  7. If the truth be known, I have multiple girlfriends and new ones coming in each month. Thats why it costs so much to live in the big city. You pay a premium for the social factor.

    There is an old addage about the village that its a lot like college but no one ever seems to go to class and no one ever graduates. Well, I have yet to go to class or graduate yet.

    Although I think the quality and energy of the ladies in the city could be better at times (and truly believe the Southern Florida and Southern California ladies best), there seems like a plentiful supply in NYC and the only problem is juggling them in between your different priorities and responsibilities.

    Indeed, there is nothing wrong with having kids or getting married, but, as pointed out earlier, no one has contacted me about the graduation ceremony and I have yet to receive my schedule of classess.

    So I sit and wait and go through the motions. Its been many years nowand Im fortunate that they invented Viagra. Good health is the thing that fades with age and fortunately scientists have thought about us guys who havent graduated from the village yet.

    There is nothing wrong with being a player in NYC. No one ever stays long in their apartments, everyone moves about moving on to the next adventure. The ladies move to and then Im off meeting another.

    The other day, at a happy hour, I saw a guy much older then me. White hair and balding, probably in his 50s, dressed in a casual suit, no fashion statement being made. He was working the ladies real well and was soon walking off with someone who looked like a 20something. I think this single bachelor life might be able to last and thanks to Viagra, there will be no worries.

    Well, its another day here, and so Im off to the races.
  8. Your statement cant be anymore false.

    Life isnt really screwed up until your in prison and picking up trash on the side of the highway or in a wheelchair paralyzed.

    As long as everything seems to be working and you have your liberty, life is good. The fun life isnt in my mind. Send me a PM and I'll show you what happy hour is at Proof. Oh man, this is the place!

    As for putting people down, if being anal or a nutcase at work is your thing, then more power to you. We all have our own things and if Im putting down anal nutcases, then Im sorry. I guess anal nutcases have rights too.

  9. You seem to live an incredibly empty existence
  10. My thoughts as well...


    Honestly now -- how much time do you spend writing on this site about the void in your life?

    You don't trade for a living and you admittedly think trading fulltime is impossible to do so why bother seeking acceptance here?

    Maybe you should move on and make some changes in your life - career/location wise. Those will be the most difficult changes to make because you are too comfortable.

    This internet site will not fill that void BTW, maybe you should try to "discover yourself" somewhere more tangible.

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