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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by bravo, Jul 15, 2006.

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    Hello guys,

    I'm a trader in Canada and wanna move to Chicago for better trading jobs. I'm a Canadian citizen and was wondering if I have to ask compaines to acquire the working permit for me.
    I don't think I need it since I would sign as an indepent contractor.

    Anyway, if you guys help me out here, that will be really appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    Interested in finding out as well but my guess is that even as an indep contractor you would need a valid work visa. It's a bitch to get an H1b but a temp one is not bad. Also wanted to know if as an indep contractor, the risk is entirely on you rather than the company that hires you.
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    The simplest route is a TN visa, good for 1 yr at a time and renewable indefintely, if memory serves. It requires only minimal paperwork from your US employer. However, you're at the mercy of the $13/hr border guard who can decline you if he's having a bad day. From there you can't get back in to the US without a LOT of regulatory trouble.

    Once (if) you're in on the TN, you can have your employer get you an H1B, which is good for 3 yrs and can be renewed for another 3 yrs. After that you have to leave the country for at least 6 months, I think. The H1B costs the employer $3-$5K so obviously not every employer will do it. Most won't these days.

    All this info and tons more is available at
    (also don't waste your time on any sites as pertaining to VISAs, they only want to sell you something and their info is spotty at best.)