Working system averaging 10 percent per month

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  1. I know some people managing accounts using an automated trading system that has been averaging 20 percent returns per month for the past couple of years and continues to grind out nice profits month after month. The average returns are actual and not hypothetical. They charge a 50 percent performance fee each month to manage your account using this fully automated trading system. The risk and drawdown seem very reasonable given the returns this thing is making. The minimum account size is 300k - I have zero experience with automated black box type trading but wondered if anyone with real money and or automated trading experience might be interested trying to duplicate or make money with this system by possibly trying it. If anyone has comments I would be very interested since I am new to this forum. :)
  2. Get a calculator and try this.
    Take $1,000,000 ( 3 accounts ) and calculate 20 % monthly return over three years.
    Then you tell us if you think it's possible.
  3. Performance like this are not even possible for people with last name such as Madoff and Standford. :D
  4. To be fair he did say that they were going to take half of the profits every month so you should only calculate it it by 10%:D :D

    Sweet with a million dollars i will be worth 305,000,000 at the end of 5 years where do i sign up????
  5. Is THAT all? Chump change for a REAL trader..
  6. 10 to 20% per month on large scale is possible but it requires a fairly high risk of DD in the range of 50%. so, if their managed program havent had yet such a DD in any given previous month, it is more likely it will happen quite frequently in the future.
  7. All I am saying is that this program is currently working and has been averaging 20 percent returns per month (10 percent after the 50 percent performance fee) - they are managed accounts so you can see the daily trades and amount at risk in your account, and I am telling you they risk very little of your account at one time and manage the risk very well. This was originally designed as a hedging program but turns out it makes bank. I just thought someone with the skill and money should check it out further...because every once in awhile something that sounds too good to be true...actually turns out to be true.
  8. Ok, so if low DD and exceptional returns can all be verified somehow I guess someone can either take time to find out more or just call it a POS and say i'm FOS. Either way thanks for your replies.

  9. You lack credibility by posting this thread. Yeah, it's been shown empirically that 8, 10, 20-fold yearly returns are possible. Paulson did it on CDS as did others. Your metatrader hucksters lose any credibility when stating they can do 20% monthly. You simply cannot define a return that way and be taken seriously.

    8-fold returns do happen, but not cleanly.

    $1 compounded at 20% monthly returns $9 in one year.
  10. It doesn't matter who takes what cut of profits .Return is not realistic in any case though.
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