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    Hello Guys,

    Do you know some URL for university working papers on finance: my favourite subjects are derivatives, behavioral finance and stocks events analysis

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    The big question, alluded to above, is is this a waste of time? My guess is no but its also clear that none of these academics are making alot of money by investing in stocks. That said, I think if you combine the results in some of these papers with whatever trading system you have it could be interesting. For instance, I like to play mean reversion systems and I've recently been filtering based on P/R&D based on some results I've seen.
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    Thanks for your responses

    I started a PHD and gave up to Trading by creating a hedge fund after many years of prop trading.

    I consider working papers as very valuable

    WHY ?

    Unlike many traders, investors , these students respect a methodology and look for honest results (not all the times, you have to find the good ones)