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    There's a glutton of info. on the web so I'm having difficulty discerning the wheat from the chaff. I know a lot of you are knowledgeable in this area.

    I've begun working again (lifting) and would like some suggestions on products that would benefit a 45 yr. old. I have no interest in bulking up/bodybuilding. I just want to "feed" my muscles as my workouts are quite intense. Just wanna be able to increase my strength and stay lean, but not deprive my body of the extra requirements it may need. I realize with weight lifting that I will put on muscle mass, but like I said, I'm not interested in bodybuilding per se.

    Also what's a good workout energy booster? Back in the day it was Mini Thins for me, but I can't find'um. Probably something better out now anyways.
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    Maybe that's why Samoans are so big? They use coconut in many phases of their meals. But then again, so do Thai people... There's been an explosion of retail marketed coconut water lately... hmmm.
  3. Steak.
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    As a pick-me-up? Omega u crazy!

    No substitute for 16 oz. T-Bone however. No matter what our resident leaf eating, bighair band listening, nut job says.
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    Drink some Monster before you go to the gym and some more if needed when done.
  6. Thing is, at the grocery store you can get for 16 bucks a steak that if you take it home and cook it yourself is a 45 dollar steak at
    Mortons or Smith and Wollensky in Chicago. Not dry aged but
    still good as hell.
  7. I never knew pumpkin seeds were so great for you. Thanks to you I just added those to my diet.
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    Technically if your workouts are "intense" your body will shut your stomach down and you will not want to eat anything. But very few reach that level of intensity. However, your muscles should be fed 8-10 hours ahead of a workout with a full meal consisting of protein, complex carbs, veggies, and fat. This gives time for your body to store the energy in and near your muscles so that it can readily be used when needed. My personal favorites are a large breast of chicken or steak , pasta with some sort of cheese sauce.

    Hands down it is an apple. The sweeter the better. My personal favorite is the Golden Delicious and Galas. You may laugh but trust me, a good apple can make you work miracles.
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