Working on the floor in Chicago

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by dblumie, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. dblumie


    I know this is a prayer but it is worth a shot. Does anyone living in Chicago need a runner or a clerk? I just graduated from Michigan and want to start on the floor to get some experience. If anyone knows someone that may be looking to hire I'd really appreciate the help.
  2. Do you know how to sweep?:D :D
  3. Get in line, mer and leh kids are delivering pizzas tonight.

    If I were you I would look at kcbt or mgex. Get a list of clearing members and seatholders and pound the pavement. Better yet persue off floor jr trading ops with non financials, usually closely held physical traders. You went to Michigan and must be a smart kid. Good luck.
  4. Errmm, think you are around 10 years to late.The requirements for "runners/clerks" are virtually zero nowadays.Due to screen trading etc.......
    The floor is dead.
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    Ah, another Michigan person moving to the "big city" to "make it". You transplants from Michigan and Ohio are multiplying like roaches here in Chicago. Spend your time getting tanked with other dbags in Lincoln Park and Wrigleyville while hitting on airhead trixies. More fun and you will lose just as much money at the bars and spending on these high maintenance women over losing money amongst a pit full of guys that haven't showered in weeks.
  6. Couldn't get in to Penn State???:D :D :D

    seriously-- good luck to you!
  7. Yours is one of the better Chicago posts ever on ET.

    I lived in New York for a year in the early 90's. I got laid like mad. When I got back to Chicago everyone asked if it was because East Coast women are easier. I told them yea, partly. Not as much good girl Midwest thing. But the REAL reason was the lack of ANY competition. In New York you can go to the bar in an Upper East Side bistro and often be the only single guy hanging out. In Chicago it's the opposite. The nominal barrier of entry has enabled every douche from Akron to Ames the ability to set up house on the North Side.
  8. unless you know someone with edge in an options pit don't bother if you are trading futures better be on the screen, my buddies say that edge with size is back in ES but you won't have access to this as you will not trade size as you are clerking making someone millions until the pit sucks again. ZN and ZB on the screen, ags screen- unless you are in options and know how to scalp gamma but that is a big boy's game. 100 lot minimum.