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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by mmrc, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. mmrc


    I am currently working fulltime at a respectable employer. I was filling out prop paper work to trade remotely and someone at the firm i am looking at mentioned that i cannot work full time elsewhere if i apply for a prop account.

    Is that true? If anything for the time being i will be doing parttime as a trader and full time on my day job (being on west coast is useful in that perspective).

    Anybody got insights?
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    If you are an employee or member of a broker dealer, they can regulate your outside activities. So working at other jobs is not an SEC rule, it's a policy of that prop firm. Find one that will list that job on your U4 but allow the other job.
  3. mmrc


    Thanks rmorse.

    Yes; this seems to be a requirement for that particular firm (coastal). I have already talked to a couple of firms that dont have this requirement.
  4. mmrc


    thanks rmorse.

    Yes. it seems to be specific to this firm (coastal). I have already talked to a couple of other firms who dont have that requirement.
  5. I work full time and trade full time.
  6. i work fulltime