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    Hi peoples, i from congo(africa). iam 20 year old. I interested in trading stocks. i have high school degree and am working full time at an import/export shop here in khombiasa bumbo, my village. I day trade textiles, cow dung, buffalos, cows, pigs and other commodities with other shop keeprs face to face in my village. I have a lot of experience trading these since i was 12 year old man. i know how to negotiate and get good rate for cow dung and horse fodder. i very succesful at good bargains.

    Since i so much experienced, i thought it would be very easy for me to work with a hedge fund in NY. If i can become a hedge fund manager in three months, i could have salary of couple million dollar. i will manage a top hedge fund like maybe avenue capital which has 12 billion dollar asset. if i get 1% commission of that every year, i become billionaire very fast. i know i can become manager within a month and go to top position. I never travelled out my villlage, do u peoples think i will be successful?

    i expert in trading commodities. i make over 75US dollar in a day. but i like to trade stocks. do peoples think i achieve my amarican dream?

    since i good at negotiations, i can convince rich amaericans to give me money to day trade and make them richer. do i have good chances of making it?
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    wow, u have no idea what ur in for. get ready to for some serious cursing/abuses/insults/criticism.

    i think you should stick to ur cow dung and make 75$ a day. it should be a lot in congo.
  3. Someone is making a joke thats all.
  4. And not a very funny one at all.
  5. Nafútákí mbɔìngɔ míngi mpɔ̂ Na ngáí kokúma Moroma

    Motor bike asálá mbɔ́ngɔ, atíká mpási Na mokili
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    sounds good to me. my hedge fund specializes in pigs and cows only. I will make you the richest man of gongo. just send me $100 deposit so I can sort out all paperwork. my account number is 1-234-56-789. till then...
  7. did you just say your going to motorbike around the world like jim rogers?
  8. That is funny, unless you are a Congo spot trader!
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    One of Jack Hersheys boys that strayed off the reservation.
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    congoboy is funny. what a fuckin retard. just imagine if this dude is for real, he must actually think that he has a chance.
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