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  1. With avearge Salaries in the UK standing at about £25,000 pa, and the avearge house price standing at £190,000- thats a ratio or close to 8:1 House prices/Earnings -If on a salary of £60,000 pa ( think a Doctor/Lawyer/Prof Enginner) can just about get a morgage for a average house- Surely this is way out of context?

    Was once a middle class dream to own a home,not sure how the current generation can cope-Ideas?
  2. 1) I translated from metric to American. :cool:
    2) Britoners can just go back to being renters as they were up until the early 1990's. :( :eek: :mad:
  3. True- or further populate the english speaker world- my mate has become a trucker in the states- good doh to be made there-also in canada-history repeats!
  4. Other option is to move to germany- property is cheaper, then if all goes pear shaped rely on NHS in old age! a calssic of many brit ex pats