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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Ian999, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Ian999


    Hi, I am new to this forum and I am glad to see that I have finally arrived to a place where people know what they are talking about. I noticed there is a chatroom but it doesn't work. Is it just me?

    - Ian
  2. Joe


    We found that more members benefit when a conversation can be archived in the forum of a thread. Also with the number or members on Elite Trader it became unmanageable to handle that much traffic on chat.
  3. c'mon give us a live chat. message boards are quickly becoming passe. think "edge" don't thinkg like a 40 yr old 'has been' baron :D
  4. Ian999


    Agreed a chat room would be nice :)
  5. There are plenty of chat rooms out there, the trouble comes in finding quality ones. Thats why I had to build my own, cause the ones I looked at for some sort of usable collective analysis and some semblance of trading floor camaraderie were laughable. The free ones, and even some paid ones seem to let every tom, dick and harry in and that must be quite a distraction and honestly counter productive to a trader. I wanted a place where a genuine newbie that shows some respect can learn, and the experienced can take care of their business unimpeded by essentially ego BS.
  6. i want a casual chat right here. this is my fav trading site, i just want a room where i can shuck and jive with other traders in real-time. talking in real-time is not same as posting threads. nothing "heavy duty" just a casual chat. baron has evrything else but a live chat is sorely lacking imo

    does a live chat take away from post count on the mother site? is this the problem :D
  7. wrbtrader


    That's part of the problem...some at ET want a serious trader chat room while others want something without the heavy duty trader talk. Simply, one chat room for all doesn't work.

    With that said, there's some free chat rooms on IRC that has exactly what you said you want...without the heavy duty stuff...just casual chat. Just the same there are heavy duty trading/market chat rooms that are free on IRC but those tend to be private or invitational only.

    Regardless, most of the free chat rooms I've visited...most of the users say they are members of,,, or although they aren't going to say what their user name is at those forums.

  8. so create different separate rooms?

    a chatroom isn't drilling 5000 feet underwater :D pretty much grade school level tech

    there's another reason baron doesn't want to do he's not saying :)
  9. It can be if you have obnoxious participants that won't shut up and don't add value. That isn't an analogy on the drilling so much as one on a possible "spill" in the drilling process. :eek:

  10. Do we have any obnoxious participants here on the main site? So what, if you don't like it login somewhere else..but please yer QUIT WHINING for christ sake
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