Working as a casino dealer

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  1. Any comments on working as a casino dealer?

    Positives? Negatives? Earning potential?

    Thinking trying it out for part-time work.
  2. i have only one thing to say:

    learn how to card count.

    then sit there and card count while u deal.

    finish you shift

    come back and implement what you've practised to "supplement" your income :p
  3. aint' that the truth.

    I was at Caesars when i first started. It was a six deck game which I would have tried to avoid, but I was in a golf tourney, and had to play so much to get comped. Anyway, I'm goin' nuts because the count is so good. I'm not exactly sure what I was doing, but the pit boss was at my table rubbing the dealer's ass instead of paying attention to what he was supposed to do and I hear him say to the dealer something to the effect of "the count here is unbelievable." I'm raking it in, when these oriental girls of about 22 years try to sit down, and I beligerantly ask them to wait till the end of the shoe, and the pit boss is telling me I can't tell them that. I scared them away and cleaned up in the process.

    If you're anything but an idiot, you'll be able to figure it out in notime, but be careful of where you go. It's the only industry in the world where, when you really know how to play, you can't play. And I don't think they'd look kindly on an employee of a competitior coming to their joint to clean them out.
  4. At the high-end, you'll make 50-150k in tips. These are jobs at Wynn, MGM, Mirage etc. No way to get in there without paying your dues elsewhere or having juice.

    Entry-level dealing jobs are minimum wage, bad hours on shifts where the tips are low. Get in somewhere and work your way up.

    As for the card counting comments, it is very possible to make much more than a entry-level dealer, but it comes with a lot of risk. You'll need a six figure bankroll and a lot of perseverance to do well at it.

  5. every dealer aims at becomin' a 'host', the job pays very good money...much more than a succesful trader can make.
  6. Hi Bits,

    How much does a typical host make?
  7. ROFL remind me of my university (college) days of living on the local casino. I am azn so i can pretty much dress up, put a little mustache on or wear a bow tie and no1 would damn notice its me in da casino again.

    Me and a friend used to sit and count at 2 tables and hed signal to me if the count was high and id signal him if the count at my table was high. There was once when the count was damn extraordinary and only one seat left on that table. I sat down and gave the guy who was losing a $100 chip and told him to pee off to another table. HE promptly left and we both sat down.

    Ended up raking in close to 5k in that session and 3k at that table. best time ive ever had in a casino.

    u know when its time to stop cause thats when u get comped :D
  8. they got a base 5-6figure salary but the tips they get are HUGE, that's where they make most of their money...the most experieced can bank 1mln dollars a yr.

    remember that their job is to look after the whales every need: multimillionaires and billioniares that hit big.
  9. So basically, they're really nothing more than a personal servant to kiss the asses of rich guys?...You couldn't pay me enough to do that.
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