Working 2 jobs?

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  1. How is it possible?

    You get up at 5 work untill 3, work from 4 untill 11 and get up at 6 again?

    How can you have a family? When do you eat?

    Or is it more like you have one real full time job and the other one is more relaxed like selling on ebay or at least less hours?

    I just can't imagine someone keeping this up for years in a row.

    Any statistics on how widespread this is today?
  2. I had a buddy out of highschool who worked two jobs , one at a grocery store during the day and convenience store at night, Worked 70 hours a week. Now he works one job (grocery) and has one nice rental property that gives him some cashflow. Git R done!
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    You don't have family time and you don't eat long sit down dinners. I did something like that in grad school, worked full time and took courses at night. Most young men can't fathom being a Marine either due to the high demands during basic, yet what a human can do will surprise most because they have never pushed themselves very hard. It's all perspective and discipline, you don't have some sort of right to large amounts of free time unless you are one of the millions on the gov't tit.

    A whole lot of people who can't imagine working 40 hours a week. I wonder what will happen when we can longer pay people to do nothing?

  4. I see them every damn day - they are my customers. God bless them all.

    (deadbroke's current estimation of the double-jobbers is 12-20%)

    They work work work and then buy buy buy buy buy buy buy.

    Like I said, "God bless 'em all, I love them dearly"
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    One of my current employees at one time was working 100-110 hour/wk between 2 jobs (about 50 with us, and 50-60 with another company).

    We eventually had to have a sit down with him and have him go part-time with us because he was literally delirious from exhaustion.

    He was sleeping 3 hours max per day and his hours were not regular so it became a problem.

    He is one of the hardest working guys I've ever met. He's very money motivated, but wastes much of what he makes on toys that he can't really use because he's always working. He is married but no kids and under 30.

    He is now working around 80 hrs/wk.

    Obviously he won't be able to keep that up forever.

    I have 2 little kids and anything beyond 55 hours is my breaking point with all of my fatherly responsibilities.
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    This is true. As a radio personality that I listen to says......"Somebody always has to be working"

    Either you're working, or your money has to be working, or the Federal tax base has to work for you, but regardless someone always has to be working to support you.
  7. People shouldn't work so many hours. 40 hours a week is more than enough. Ruining your health is not worth the money. Live simple. The best things in life are free.
  8. Does trading (clicking mouse and all) and watching movies at the same time count as 2 jobs?.
  9. Here Here brother, we work too damn hard in America. Life is for living not just working. I didn't learn my lesson until my kids were grown. I still work too much but not like when I was young and when I've had my fill I take off. In fact I'm taking off for a couple of weeks starting today, maybe three weeks maybe more if I don't sell some jobs when I come back to work.
  10. +2.......unless one is building his business/empire when younger.
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