Workin' DNDN today?

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  1. If you're workin DNDN today which way do you think it will go? I think the premarket buyers might be playin in a dark ally. When the market opens they could get taken out to the back wood shed.

    It's goin down.
  2. My bad. Goin the other way. sweet.
  3. LOL. Every now and then the dentists and manicurists are correct.
  4. This thing is on a TEAR! Any ideas how many shorts have covered alread?

    Any ideas of where it will back off? $15,$16, ... $18 where it opened Friday?
  5. Ouch! major reversal .75 off high today!

    I was hoping it would punch through $15!
  6. S2007S


    im not able to short this one, was looking to short above 18 last week but lo luck, still no shares available for shorting.
  7. It's optionable. Why not buy some puts?

  8. Sell UKO PV 2007/04/21 put on DENDREON CORP at $12.50 181 $0.55 $0.50 $9,050.00 -9.09% -$905.00

    Donkey play....
  9. Had a tech problem yesterday, but a Real Money columnist yesterday wrote a piece saying he believed DNDN had an 80% approval chance into May 15 meeting. That coincided with quite a move.

    Also, Chairman Mao had DNDN as his setup of the day. Nice little, "print and file " piece for the future. It'll keep working until it stops working.
  10. The Chairman is a nice little gem in the generally vast wasteland of trading/financial bloggers, in my opinion.

    What's a donkey play?
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