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  1. vanzandt


    Good buy at $25 for the long haul.
    Take a position and sell the Nov $28 calls for $1.
    Repeat in November.
  2. LanceJ


    What do you do if the price goes to 35 next week? Or 40 in November?
    What do you do if the price gaps down to 20 on monday?
  3. vanzandt


    35 or 40... you take the win and move on I guess. I don't see it moving quite that fast however. Unless it gets bought out. Which is certainly possible.
    Gaps down to $20.... buy more.
  4. vanzandt


    Morgan Stanley downgraded it to $28 from $38.
    Its down 4% pre-market @ 23.76.
    Buy this thing!
    If it goes lower, keep buying more.
  5. vanzandt


    $22.25 is steal.
    It sold off on Atlassian's ($TEAM) report, which was excellent really.
    Buy this stock.
  6. vanzandt


    Trading halted pending news. :sneaky:

    Ahhhh... I don't think this is gonna do anything, might even drop a little.

    Item 7.01 - Regulation FD Disclosure
    On February 10, 2020, a Business Insider article was published about Slack Technologies, Inc. (“Slack”). The article stated that International Business Machines Corporation (“IBM”) purchased Slack for all of its employees worldwide and further that IBM is Slack’s largest customer to date. IBM has been Slack's largest customer for several years and has expanded its usage of Slack over that time. Slack is not updating its financial guidance for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year ended January 31, 2020 or for the fiscal year ended January 31, 2020.
    The information in this Form 8-K provided under Item 7.01 is furnished to, but shall not be deemed filed with, the Securities and Exchange Commission or incorporated by reference into Slack filings under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.

    EDIT 2:
    Yep there it goes, giving back some of that big gain today.

    EDIT 3:
    Its a good AH's short here at $25.25 Jump on it. Cover in an hour or less.

    EDIT 4:
    There's $24.50. Its bouncing. I think its gonna keep dropping.
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  7. vanzandt


    I covered at 3/4 at 24.43, I'll let the rest ride overnight. I don't feel like babysitting this thing for another hour and a half.

    Its still a good stock for the long haul btw.
  8. vanzandt


    So it closed the AH's session at $24.60


    I think it was being channeled. IE, buying and selling by related parties just to keep it at that level. Those same party's that are long the the stock can slowly bleed their position by keeping it in that channel with underlying support they provide and selling to retail buyers... as long as they know a huge seller won't come in and burn their buy side algo's. Its purely a numbers game.

    Most of you don't even know what I mean when I say that, but whatever. Its hard to explain.
    This bitch is going lower for now though.

    When it comes out of the gate tomorrow and does a huge spike... short it with both barrels.

    Its still a great company long term... but its a trading stock too and now its the game of the week.

    Short it on any spike above $26 tomorrow in the first 45 minutes. It will spike, as long as the overall market tide stays in.

    If it stays up through the close... I was wrong. Do it again on Wednesday, cause I'm right.

    This one is being gamed. ET players/members that listen... a nice Xmas card will suffice.
    But we shall see now won't we.
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  9. vanzandt


    Short @ 26.30
    EDIT: out @ $25.80

    Done for the day, buts a good short if it hits 26.90 later.
  10. I'm a long-term bull on Slack, buying slack today would be like buying Salesforce 10 years ago.
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