Work will make you free

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  1. So said nazis to prisoners in concentration camps.

    They said it, so prisoners weren't questioning the regime and its evil intentions.
    Nazis wanted them to work to benefit them asking no questions.

    So with brokers:
    They want you to "have a system", preferably a "mechanical system" so you just trade (generating commissions), without asking how/if the system is able to predict anything.

    Nazis and brokers said: work will set you free.
    Jesus and crgarcia said: TRUTH will set you free.
  2. "the truth will set you free..."

    i was told a long time ago the second part of that quote is...

    "...but it wont make you happy"
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    Are you trying to imply the following?

    Brokers are Nazis.
    crgarcia is Jesus.

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    Great points, Mr. Garcia,
    not that work isnt important.As Moses wrote in stone; six days shalt thou labor ........
    Actually the last part of that verse , many of my Christian & Jewsih friends don like to repeat...''do all thy work''{Exodus chapter 20}

    Perhaps it [''do all thy work'' ]requires too much discretion/thinking or labor:D LOL:cool:
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    Godwin's Law is once again shown to be true -- in the very first post of this thread. I'm impressed. With Godwin, that is.
  6. The purpose of investing is to have your money working for you, so you must not work for money.