Work visa application to trade CME futures from Chicago

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Sentosa, Aug 1, 2021.

  1. Sentosa



    I am from Asia and am exploring the idea to move to Chicago to trade CME futures. I would like to live in America and trade from Chicago because of the latency.

    I will be trading my own account from a brokerage firm.

    I would like to know if I am able to get a work visa like the "Treaty Traders and Treaty Investors Visas."

    What is the minimum account size I need to get the work visa?

    Anyone know of successful individuals who got a work visa not officially sponsored by a firm?

    Would starting a prop firm in Chicago help me in my application?

    How long is the application process?

    Should I pay an immigration consultant to help me apply for the work visa?

    Thank you all for your time.
  2. ZBZB


    You can buy a seat and trade remotely. What sort of trading do you do that is latency dependent? You can program a vps or server collocated in Chicago from abroad.
  3. Sentosa


    Just normal futures trading (not automated) and I also want to have the experience of working in USA.
  4. mervyn


    Unless you are doing HFT, no need to locate next to the exchange.
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  5. JSOP


    No as far as I know. Work Visa is only issued to companies who are absolutely in need of workers. Prop trading firm is not exactly the type of the firm that's in need of workers. LOL If you really want to trade futures in the US market, just sign up with a brokerage firm in Asia that allows you to get access to futures in the USA. That's it. No need to go around about it through immigration.

    You can always consult an immigration consultant of course but they will just tell you the same thing that we have all told you for free. If they are telling you something else different, they are either scamming you or are making you pay for something that has very low chance of success.
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  6. JSOP


    If you want to immigrate to USA, that's a different story but don't do it through trading. If you want to trade, just concentrate on trading.
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  7. acura3000


    you said "because of the latency" . with normal futures trading why are worried about latency?
  8. maxinger


    if you are already profitable in your trading, then you can explore trading in other countries.

    If not, don't even think of doing it.
    trading in another country doesn't mean your success rate will improve.
  9. Sig


    He obviously cares first about getting a visa to live and work in the U.S., which is non-trivial for many to get. Trading is just the vehicle to get the visa.

    To the OP, the word "trading" in that visa requires substantial trading with your home country, not trading commodities on the CME! Eligibility is also based on nationality, "Asia" isn't a country so if you're going to be vague you shouldn't expectancy useful answers. Google is your friend.