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    "I don't care how much it costs!" -- Chris Christie (R - NJ)


    By ordering an expensive special election to fill the vacant Senate seat of the late Frank Lautenberg (R.I.P.) just to avoid having the election coincident with his reelection, Chris "Chickenshit" Christie has proven that he is all hat and no cattle.

    He can certainly kiss 2016 goodbye, probably 2013 as well. :p

    Now all we need is footage of the Hindenberg crash-and-burn to complete this farce. :D
  2. Kunty is probably a teacher or maybe his life partner is one and he's terrified CC is going to clamp down on his overpaid job and obscene retirement package.

    I hope CC gets elected and squashes the public unions into oblivion.
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    The only cunt here is you, spermbreath.

    Check out what your fellow conservatives have to say. They agree with me, asswipe.



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    I stand by my quote because it is accurate... just do not think there is any way a secretary of state who orders a stand down to cover up for the fact she armed the terrorists is a better choice than just about any R.

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    Good for you. And let's not veer off into Clinton-bashing, please. Neither Clinton or Christie has been nominated for higher office.

    I just don't think Christie ever will be nominated by the GOP, given this latest screwup. Now everybody knows he's just another tough-talking pussy.
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    really, you want me to buy that tripe?
    come on...

    why else would you be starting a thread bashing him if it were not to diminish his odds of being elected president.

    do you care about N.J. politics? really?

    my clinton bashing was to balance out your christie bashing because they are both strong contenders to be their parties nomination.

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    Wow! I was unaware I had such influence. What else can I do to diminish his odds of becoming President? And here I thought I was just sharing a laugh at the latest emperor with no clothes. :p
    I care about corruption even in places I don't live. How many posts have YOU dedicated to bad things happening in places you'll never go to? Hypocrisy much? Typical lawyer.
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    We've been laughing at our current emperor with no clothes for over four years now.

    Just so long as it doesn't involve a democrat. Yeah, we know.
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    I don't always start threads but when I do I prefer dos equis.

    your denial has an eric holder type aura.

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