Words from our MBA president

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  1. Surely we should be hearing a prime time speech from our MBA president, right? After all, he does understand wall st and would be a great comfort to the nation to hear from the MBA in chief that everything was going to be OK. I wonder what night his speech will be? Surely his vast experience in both the classroom and boardroom would be helpful here, right? Come on, MBA president, we need your words of wisdom right now in this time of once a century crisis.
  2. his busy in his texas ranch playing paintball with cheney.

    Do not bother him with all these non events !!!!

  3. ha. alot you know-- he joined the national paintball guard so he doesn't have to fight. he needs to be focused like a laserbeam on the economy.
  4. This president is a clown.

    Nobody is expecting anything from him .. let him be!
  5. 99% of America could give a shit about LEH etal. Grow up and be responsible for your own trading. You sound like an idiot. I'll lay 25-1 Bush's IQ is higher than yours.....
  6. stfu pal. The entire US financial system is collapsing. This is exactly the kind of time we need a real leader to step up. I have no trades in LEH anyways, it has no bearing on my financial situation.

  7. If it doesn't effect your situation-and it doesn't effect mine either-what makes you think it effects anyone else who isn't long these particular stocks?

    Are depositors at risk? No. So where's the "collapse"? Since I've been in the business I've seen zillions of big brokerage firms, banks, S&L's, auto manufacturers, airlines, pension funds, hedge funds all perish. Big deal. In the mean time a million people are in NFL stadiums today shelling out 100-300 bucks each to be there. Oh the calamity. When the sun isn't rising in the East anymore then let me know.
  8. Pretty good break in the broader list though.:p
  9. Jachyra


    Anyone who doesn't think that President Bush is awesome clearly has never seen "Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay." Not only was it incredibly generous of him to share his best weed with a couple of kids who were down on their luck (not something that most people do outside of California), but its clear that any of his bad decisions are not really his fault, but rather, the fault of his father, since he's just doing what his dad tells him to do.