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  1. I just got my TC2000 today, and have set it up with the datalink.

    I have heard good things about it, but it does seem a little cumbersome.

    Does anyone have any advice on the easiest way to use/learn this?

    Does anyone have any comments from their own experience on what has worked for them/ and/or the value of the tool?

    I have used metastock, but it seems kind of black box, so I am looking at this as a replacement.

  2. i know more about tc2000 than the people that made it. [​IMG]
  3. thanks gordon, that was as generous as it was helpfull
  4. gordo,

    were u part of the jackson 5?
  5. No, but I think he was on the team that created the internet :D
  6. ok here are the tc2000 negatives...

    the scan syntax is very basic. this isn't necessarily bad, but just be aware you can't do IF THEN statements. you can only do AND OR. you can still do some good scans, but just be aware of this limitation.

    ok, now for the #1 problem with tc2000.......THE INTRADAY DATA IS DELAYED 20+ MINUTES. some might suggest using their new real time program, tcnet, but that doesn't solve the problem. yes, the tcnet intraday data is not delayed, BUT YOU CAN'T DO ALL THE CUSTOM SCANS AS YOU CAN WITH THE DELAYED DATA.

    anyway, i still use tc2000....but it has its drawbacks.

    p.s. yes, i was part of the jackson 5, but i'm not michael. [​IMG]
  7. those CD rom video's that they themselves produce are the fastest way to get up to speed on it. I think they send out a free one....and the rest are like 20 bucks or something. (find someone to burn you a copy) :p

    They are boring but there is no faster way to learn how to use the program.
  8. Actually you can do IF statements using circular references. Check out the tradeon site under misc PCF's, look at the DTA PCF's for more information. But it's definetely cumbersome.
  9. dgabrial,

    I have been working on this for about a day now, and have taken a look at your links.

    So far, I am VERY impressed with this tool (although I don't like the charts that much, still like to review a chart on "Stockcharts.com".)

    So far, it is my impression that this is a great tool for people who already understand TA, and have some programming ability (which I do).

    I had used "Metastock" but it seems much more difficult to create scans that fit specific criteria - it seems much more black box.
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