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  1. Is this company still around? Their site directs you to Encyclopedia Britannia . . . :confused:
  2. Sorry yeah it's fine now.
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    Since this thread is under a year old I guess I should post here instead of starting a new one.

    Am I the last person in the world still paying for an EOD data program?

    It serves two main purposes for me - 1. running my own scans on the stock market database which I have not found any free software able to do. 2. I can easily throw out all the closed end funds and look only at the common stocks of companies for recording my own personal diary of adv/dec and new hi/new lo.

    I've been a customer since about 1996 and since it served my purposes I never bothered to look for anything else.

    Are there free web-based programs that do what I want to do? The stock screeners I've found on the web are very rudimentary and don't allow screening of small changes in volume which is my bread and butter. And I've always hated these goddam ETFs. Don't ask me why, but I remember my database before ETFs got big and to me they are just unwelcome guests. Telechart allows me to remove them from the list of common stocks. Their impact on new hi/new low is so minimal as to be inconsequential, but it still bugs me if they are in there. Maybe I should see a therapist.

    I'd just feel like a fool if I were paying a $30 a month fee for something out there that can be had for free.
  4. I have been using it for years too and it is a good, basic program for position traders. They also have a real-time version I have never used. I more use it for the data updates rather than anything else. You can write simple formulas and scan any symbols you want. I do not think you will find anything that does that for free with reliable daily EOD updates.

    Most everything else there, like the daily commentary and stock analysis is useless.
  5. Same here. Been with them from about 2000. Good reliable program and decent customer service.

    I don't like paying but their stuff works well with my systems. I tried eSignal for a while to get historic intraday, but didn't use it enough..

    Guess I'll stick with Worden for a while.