Worden software ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by tdatspectral, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. What do you guys think of Worden software?

    His two top picks last night lost today. -40.8% and -26.3%.

    Whaddaya think? Is it worth it?
  2. I use it for EOD back-testing. TC2000 is around $250 a year. No problems.

    There Blocks subscription for EOD is free.
  3. I've had the TC2000 product for years, and just got the live feed. Phenomenal product, maybe only because I have had the program, and was familiar w/the features.

    There's a chat room, and when Peter is in it, it's pretty good. Everyone else just talkdss junk. But for 90 bucks a month I think it's phenomenal.

    they have a bunch of indicators I just ignore, but if that stuff blows wind up your skirt, have at it. I think Worden has a great product.
  4. Casey30


    The EOD of day scan on the basic product is good for finding some ideas and trying to figure out new ideas. The Worden Notes are interesting to gain some insight on how others use the software. As for his calls, I don't trade off of others calls, so I wouldnt know about that but at less then 50 bucks a month I wouldn't expect miracles.
  5. The basic product is less than 300 bucks a year. You don't have to trade off others calls. But if someone brings to your attention an idea that fits your parameter, or, if you find another indicator that fits your eye, it can only help.
  6. Used it for years. Very few problems. Good customer service too.

    Daily market commentary from Don and, sometimes user tips, can be interesting.
  7. lescor


    I've been a user since the '90's. Great tool for writing scans and doing sector research. I never read their commentary or look at their chart squiggles though.