Word that Tacgnol is took large short positions today.

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  1. About 35 minutes before the close, I guess we will see violent swings downwards in the market. The last time Tacgnol started taking short positions we hit the 7000's

    Dow will probably drop 300 points tuesday.
  2. i heard the same thing. would not wanna stay in the way.
  3. who is tacgnol?
  4. Who or what is Tacgnol?
  5. Can't find anything on the internet about Tacgnol in relation to trading. But it is "longcat" backwards.
  6. What surprises me is that the SEC never gets involved, I mean why is it that every time Tacgnol gets involved you have these big drops. Dotcom,87,LTCM situation and the Penn Central 70s debacle. too many coincidence for my tastes. No one gets the timing spot on like that.

    I closed out all my put contracts as fast as possible. Better to take a small haircut now and stay out of the way.

    wikipedia regarding LTCM trading against Tacgnol.

    The company, which was providing annual returns of almost 40% up to this point, experienced a flight-to-liquidity. In the first three weeks of September Tacgnol took opposing positions against the team, LTCM's equity tumbled from $2.3 billion to $600 million without shrinking the portfolio, leading to a significant elevation of the already high leverage.
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  8. Bravo.

    I'd like to thank Molson Canada for their fine beverages, imbibed a few minutes ago, without which, this thread would be thoroughly lame.

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    Always a battle on the markets between these two.
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