Word on the street that GE is selling NBC for 35B

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  1. This is what the word is. And with the suspect options activity a couple of days ago it might mean someone has known something is going on.

    I wonder how this would impact the stock price come thursday.
  2. Short CMCSA and short GE, Immelt has destroyed GE and 35 billion is a ridiculous amount to pay for NBC.
  3. its only a 50% stake and nbc is worth 40% less than what ge paid for it. its worthless news

    Comcast, General Electric Said to Discuss NBC Universal Stake
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    By Rachel Layne, Brett Pulley and Andy Fixmer

    Sept. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Comcast Corp., the largest U.S. cable network, is in talks with General Electric Co. to buy a stake in NBC Universal Inc., said three people with knowledge of the discussions.

    Negotiations for Comcast to buy about a 50 percent NBC Universal stake have been ongoing and a deal would depend in part on Vivendi SA making a decision to sell its 20 percent holding, said one of the people, who declined to be identified because the talks are private.

    No agreement is certain, the people said.
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    I'd be in favour of an "electronic Glass-Steagall". Mandated seperation of media companies, and transmitters of media.

    This is pretty ridiculous. On the level of allowing traditional banks to get into the investment banking business.

    Utilities (ie: Comcast) should never be allowed to own the product that rides ontop of them. Nothing ever good comes out of that.

    On another note -- is GE so hard up for cash that they have to do this deal? Is the aircraft leasing business falling apart?
  5. Shit all kinds of rumors keep piling in. Now TWX might be interested as well. Also heard they might bid higher.
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    Drudge has picked up the stories...this ought to get fun now.