Word on Oliver Velez?

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  1. I heard this guy speak at TradersExpor in Las Vegas..I can tell he is a one fine salesman and a great speaker...but reading and searching ET on this guy...makes me doubt his trading skills.

    I already read everything about this prior ventures and at Pristine.com

    But my question is...has anyone taken his Valez Capital Managment (VDM) course and trading in the last 9-months? Since according to him it launched only 9 months ago...and he has over 300 fulltime traders trading his money (after they paid $7K and trained)

  2. scammer ..velez.............
  3. i promise you thats a lie.
  4. EricP


    Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story, especially if the fabricated stories are good for business.
  5. what are you saying dude?
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    if you believe him your letting your dreams and greed lure you into believing him, people do this all the time
  7. if you give me velez's contact i would like to challenge him 1 on 1
  8. I was also there. I walked out about 15 mins into the presentation. He has a huge ego and is a great speaker... but why sell if you're so good?

    He just seems very manipulative. Did not seem kosher...
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    He is saying that if the guy told you it was raining, you should look up and make sure that he was not on the roof top pissing on you.
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    hence the biggest money makers of all time are preahcers...for there is nothing people will throw more money at than faith and hope....
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