Word is, two brothers trying to corner the silver markets

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  1. William Herbert Hunt and Nelson Bunker Hunt are trying to corner the silver markets. That is the rumor on the squawk box.
  2. jokepie


    meet too... but my brother doesnt want to. :p
  3. CME is catching on and gonna stop those brothers.


    Tapping the brakes on the silver rally, the CME sent a letter to its clearing member firms and others Tuesday raising the amount of margin needed to trade silver futures contracts.

    The change will go into effect after the close of business Wednesday, November 10th, 2010.
  4. didnt something similar happen when oil was 140+ and Bush mentioned to check speculator positions in oil? That was top, i think.

    it was really throwing stone after cat left. Same way feels now.

    finally second leg starting !?!?!?!?