Word Debt Relief - My prediction you heard it here first!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by loza, Jun 4, 2010.

Is this feasible?

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    I was going to call into A&G talk radio just to talk about this...
    as those guys are funny but they agitating trouble makers quite often. Whining about the gummint and bitching about the state of CA's affairs. I agree with them for the most part but often they are just yammering without any ideas...
    Now, I do not see any other way out but before the inflationary pressures would come about (which may be in ten years or in two) some sort of a joint debt relief would have to commence. This would be government debts not corporate or private and it would need to be restructured in an amiable way as hyperinflation with total or partial loss of gov. control is even scarier than a wiping out of all debts. I am not sure where this would lead SS, I suppose it would be in trouble most. I predict this will happen not the other alternative, which would be chaos, and possible international conflicts and wars. This event will cause chaos but to the lesser extent.
    The "restructuring" will be effective debt elimination for the 3rd world and effective decrease to the industrialized nations. Hyperinflation is what brings about wars! Remember WWII Germany?