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  1. Hi I'm really happy!!
    Today when I came back from class I closed 4 trades that gave me a total profit of 7637.85! This is my first huge profit. I just opened an account 2 weeks ago. I practiced with a mini account for about 2 months. I'm only a junior in college and my friends were in awe when they saw my profit because they have low wage jobs. Ive been following this forum for a long time and I just want to thank all the people who post here and give out so much valuable information. I hope this keeps up.

    Have a nice day.
  2. izeickl


    Heh, Well done and good trading!! Just remember too keep a level head after such a gain! :D
    Nice start too the weekend though man.
  3. nkhoi


    beginner luck?
  4. Weeble


    don't forget to come back tomorrow when you're down $7637.85.
  5. nice work !


  6. Rhinton -

    Well done!

    Keep a steady hand on the tiller and good trading.
  7. white17


    Good for you ! Take 5K off the table and stick into something safe.
  8. agreed, well done!